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This page was created to amplify and reach more about the bands I like, I totally support them buying their merch, music and videos, going to their shows and more. Do the same, is hard to maintain a band; you’ll need them more than you think.


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I’m not intended to create a business here selling music or videos. Bootlegs are not for selling only for exchange, original copyrighted dvd videos from my collection are not for sale or trading.

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Warped Tour 2017
Century Link Field, Friday June 16, 2017 Seattle WA 

That time of the year when we have a nice show overload 🙂 and this time was closer from home!

The Birthday Massacre
El Corazon, Monday May 29, 2017 Seattle WA 

We just love TBM, my wife and I we’ve been fans since their first album. This was our 3rd show attended and it was awesome as the others too, their new songs are more clear and punchy. Can’t wait for their new album. Bummer that the ATM at El Corazon didn’t worked and I left with empty hands. See you at the next show!

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