In this damage to my wallet, I decided to look for more skate rock at the store. I found The Faction, Agent Orange which are two of the bands that I’m trying to get all albums on vinyl, I wish that the Agent Orange had all the extras that the CD contains but that’s what we got, from the other side The Faction is a band that I knew for a long time but I’m still discovering, so when I listen a new/old album for the first time is awesome.

What a surprise to find a re-release of Undertow of Blind Idiot God and Gone, both bands are part of 80’s video soundtracks for BlockHead and Santa Cruz.

Along those I got my favorite Husker Du album and a Boomtown Rats 45 with my favorite song.

On the CD section I got The Ruts, damn I wish I could see them live but that’s never going to happen, and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin with a live show and an EP from my favorite album.

I’m glad to be back again, it’s been a long time since I got new records.